Bushfire Survival Plan

At Gutter Block, we are passionate about ensuring the safety of people who live in bushfire zones and helping people be prepared for when a bushfire threatens their home. Our Bushfire Buddy is specifically designed to make the process of enacting your Bushfire Survival Plan easier.

Why have a Bushfire Survival Plan?

Most of the people who die during Australian bushfires are fleeing their homes at the last minute. By preparing a Bushfire Survival Plan it will be clear when you should leave and you will be ready to defend your home if you do choose to stay.

The PREPARE. ACT. SURVIVE. slogan was adopted across Australia in 2009 following the disastrous Victorian Bushfires. The slogan emphasises that before and during a bushfire you should:

  • Prepare your Bushfire Survival Plan in advance, understand the risks for you and your property, and practice key actions.
  • Act to be ready before predicted weather events, put your plan into action, act to save yourself, your family and property.
  • Survive by putting your life and that of your family as the highest priority.

You should consult the specific Bushfire Survival Planning guidelines that have been published online by your local Fire Service, Authority or Agency. Here’s a list of each state’s relevant web page:

Installing the required number of Bushfire Buddys on your property is one important way that you can be prepared. Then you need to be ready to act at the appropriate time by engaging the Bushfire Buddy valves and filling your gutters with water. It is important that you are able to access a water supply and that you are able to pump water in the event of a power outage.